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Framework Act on Volunteer Service Activities

  • Framework Act on Volunteer Service Activities
Framework Act on Volunteer Service ActivitiesEnforcement Decree
Act No. 7669
Promulgated by August 4, 2005
Enforced by February 5, 2006
Article 1 (Purpose)
The Act is to make contributions to boosting volunteer service and building happy community by stipulating basic matters concerning volunteer service.
Article 2 (Guiding Principles)
Volunteer service promotion policy shall be based on the following rules:
1. Volunteer service shall be performed in a way to promote the public's participation capacity.
2. It shall be guaranteed that volunteer service is performed under the principles of absence of financial remuneration,
    spontaneity, public interest, nonprofit, non-partisanship, and non religieous preference.
3. Everyone shall be allowed to participate in volunteer service regardless of his or her social backgrounds such as age, gender,
    disability, regions, academic records.
4. Volunteer service promotion policy shall be applied based on the founding spirit of government and private sector
Article 3 (Definitions of Terms)
Definitions of terms prescribed by this act include followings:
1. "Volunteer Service" refers to an activity performed by an individual or organization for the benefit of community, country,
    and human society for nothing in return.
2. "A volunteer" is someone who performs volunteer service.
3. "A Volunteer Organization" refers to a non-profit incorporation or organization built to support or perform volunteer
4. "A Volunteer Center" refers to a non-profit corporation or organization built in accordance with a statue and ordinance to
    carry out business of development, encouragement, connection, and cooperation of voluntary service.
Article 4 (Responsibility of the National and Local Governments)
The national and local governments shall present relevant measures to promote and support the public's participation in voluntary service.
Article 5 (Obligations Prohibiting Political Activities)
(1) A volunteer organization or center which is sponsored in line with this Article 14, 18, and 19 is not allowed to engage in
     election campaign for certain party or candidates under the name of concerned organization or center or under their
     representatives' name.
(2) "Election Campaign" falls under Article 58 (1) of the Act on the Election of Public Officials and the Prevention of Election
Article 6 (Relations with Other Acts)
This basic act prevails in terms of matters regarding promotion of volunteer service except certain provisions in other acts.
Article 7 (Range of Volunteer Service)
The range of volunteer service covered by this Act refers to the followings:
1. activities concerning promotion of social welfare and health care
2. activities concerning development and improvement of community
3. activities concerning environmental conservation and protection
4. activities concerning empowerment of the disadvantaged and nurture and protection of the youth
5. activities concerning education and consultation
6. activities concerning protection of human rights and embodiment of democracy
7. activities concerning crime prevention and guidance
8. activities concerning traffic and basic order
9. activities concerning disaster management and relief
10. activities concerning promotion of culture, art, tourism, and sports
11. activities concerning prevention of corruption and protection of consumers
12. activities concerning clean and fair elections
13. activities concerning international cooperation and volunteer service in foreign countries
14. activities concerning office work for public administrative sector
15. activities necessary for carrying out business for the public good or boosting citizen's well-being
Article 8 (Volunteer Service Promotion Committee)
(1) Under the leadership of prime minister, volunteer service promotion committee shall be established, consisting of relevant
     authorities and civil experts to deliberate on main policy for volunteer service.
(2) The committee deliberates on the followings:
      1. Policy direction setting, cooperation, and coordination for the promotion of volunteer service
      2. Matters concerning volunteer service basic plan and annual implementation plan
      3. Improvement of system for volunteer service promotion
      4. Matters necessary for volunteer service promotion
(3) A working group can be established within the committee to review deliberations prescribed by paragraph 2 in advance
     and adjust a subject of discussion between relevant authorities.
(4) Necessary matters in regards to composition, organization, and operation of a working group and the committee are
     determined by presidential decree.
Article 9 (Establishment of National Basic Plan for Promotion of Volunteer Service)
(1) Minister of Government Administration and Home Affairs shall consult heads of relevant central administrative
     organizations to establish national basic plan(hereinafter referred to as the "Basic Plan") for promotion of volunteer
     service every 5 year.
(2) Basic plan shall include the followings:
      1. Basic guidelines concerning promotion of volunteer service
      2. Implementation of schedule concerning promotion of volunteer service
      3. Measures concerning volunteer service of relevant central administrative organizations
      4. Ways of resource procurement for promotion of volunteer service
      5. Other matters considered necessary for promotion of volunteer service
Article 10 (Establishment of Annual Implementation Plan)
Heads of central administrative and local governments shall establish and put annual implementation plans in place in accordance with the basic plan.
Article 11 (Encouragement of Volunteer Service at Schools and Workplace)
(1) Schools shall strengthen efforts to facilitate, guide, and manage students' participations in voluntary service.
(2) Workplace shall strengthen efforts to facilitate employees' participations in volunteer service.
(3) Heads of schools and workplace may recognize contributions of voluntary service performed by students and employees.
Article12 (Rewards)
The nation and local governments may reward voluntary service for its remarkable contributions to a nation and society according to a presidential decree.
Article 13 (Volunteer’s Day and VolunteeringWeek)
(1) A nation sets December 5, as Volunteer Day and its following week as Volunteer Week to facilitate the public's
     participations in voluntary service and boost a volunteer's morale.
(2) A presidential decree regulates necessary matters in regards to Voluntary Day and Week.
Article 14 (Volunteer Protection)
(1) The national and local governments shall ensure that voluntary service is performed in a safe environment.
(2) Necessary matters concerning kinds and contents of protections for volunteers such as purchasing insurance for volunteers
     are determined by presidential decree.
Article 15 (Volunteer Service Management)
Volunteer organizations and centers shall be dedicated to systemic management of education, training, and safe measures for volunteers.
Article 16 (Use of National and Public Resources)
The national and local governments may allow volunteer organizations and centers to lend or use national and public resources for free if it deems necessary to carry out projects prescribed by a presidential decree to promote voluntary service despite the State Properties Act and the Local Finance Act.
Article 17 (Volunteering Korea)
(1) A volunteer organization may establish Volunteering Korea to promote and facilitate the following nationwide volunteer
      1. cooperation and business assistance between membership organizations
      2. public relations and international exchange for promotion of voluntary service
      3. development, research, and study of relevant volunteer service policy
      4. proposal of relevant voluntary service policy
      5. connection of information regarding voluntary service and support
      6. projects commissioned by the national and local governments for the purpose of promotion of voluntary service
(2) Volunteering Korea referred to in paragraph (1) shall be incorporated.
(3) Volunteering Korea shall be established after completing the necessary documents, and being approved by the Minister of
     Government Administration and Home Affairs.
(4) Necessary matters concerning organization and operation of Volunteering Korea shall be determined by presidential
Article 18 (Supports for Volunteer Organizations)
The national and local governments may provide administrative supports concerning volunteer services and business expenses as prescribed in the Non Profit Organization Assistance Act.
Article 19 (Establishment and Operation of Volunteer Center)
(1) The national and local governments may establish volunteer centers. In this case, a volunteer center shall be incorporated
     or be commissioned to nonprofit corporations for its operations.
(2) Despite the latter part of paragraph (1) the national and local governments may operate volunteer centers if it deems
     necessary perform more effective voluntary services.
(3) The nation shall put in efforts actively to facilitate establishment and operation of volunteer centers and local governments
     may bear business expenses necessary for operation of volunteer centers.
(4) Requirements for heads of volunteer centers and necessary matters in regards to their operation shall be determined by
     presidential decree.
Article 20 (Penal Clauses)
If volunteer organizations and centers violate obligations prohibiting political activities as prescribed in Article 5 they are punished according to the penal clauses as prescribed in Article 255 (1) 11.
(1) (Enforcement Date) This Act shall enter into force six months after its promulgation.
(2) (Interim Measures Regarding Volunteering Korea Inc.) At the time when the Act enters into force Volunteering Korea Inc.
     established in accordance with Article 32 of Civil Law is deemed to be Volunteering Korea prescribed by this Act.
     Provided, it shall amend memorandum and obtain authorization from the Minister of Government Administration and
     Home Affairs within 6months of its promulgation.
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